Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Quilters By the Sea January Meeting -- Linda Snow Presention!

We had a real treat yesterday with Linda Snow doing a program on the many many block exchanges she has participated in!!  There were so many beautiful quilts and lots of ideas for doing more scrap quilts.  This is the quilt that greeted us as we came in and was one of the latest.  Just gorgeous!

I am not including all of them in the post and she also showed baggies filled with leftover blocks she had as well!  I used my telephone camera instead of a real one so forgive the not quite as crisp  images!

She spoke a lot about the rules of the exchanges as what can go wrong!  I certainly am familiar with that having been on a few exchanges where there were workmanship and size issues!  It is fun to get to see all the different fabrics and interpretations though.

I have done one of this type.

Loved the colors in this one!

This was a pattern I had never seen before.

Here are a bunch more for your perusal!

Loved the colors!


Also one of my favorites!

I realize I have these in reverse order of the presentation as this is one of her earlier exchanges.

We also had show and tell.  I believe this was Judy's made from strips she got at a retreat.

This one was beautiful on both front and back!  Quilter is shown but I don't have her name as usual!

This was another two sided quilt made with t-shirts and it was pretty spectacular.  I have a stash of tshirts that I will get to at some point.  This was the back.  I wasn't quick enough to get the front too!

This is one of two mystery quilts that were shown.  

Following the meeting, a few of stayed, were social and worked on some projects.  I managed to finish a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks but managed to short myself on pieces for two others so hopefully will get those done today!


Esther J Moehrke said...

This was such a pleasure attending this meeting. I just joined the guild this past month and it was the first meeting which I attended. All of Linda Snow's quilts were so beautifully done and presented, and quite informative. I am so looking forward to attending more meetings and getting more involved with the group.

Janet Fisher said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.