Thursday, February 2, 2023

Making Progress!

Progress is being made on the Farmer's Wife 30s quilt but it is far more complex than the 20's one!  I want to make 90 blocks and the book has 99.  I have found, however, for some reason, I don't have patterns drafted for a bunch and I am guessing is that they were too complex for me to do it easily in EQ8 where I drafted all the blocks.  I have had to redo several of the ones I did in EQ as the blocks were too complex as drawn.  This has resulted in duplicate blocks in the file.  As I am using such different colorations from the book, it is difficult to even guess which ones I haven't done anymore.  For some reason, EQ8 did not put them in the order in which I entered them.  If I don't get 90 blocks, I will just add a few I have seen online to make up the difference to 90.  I have 71 done now and a few more I have drafted so am getting down to the wire!


These are a couple of my favorites from the last batch.  This one took forever as I kept finding mistakes.  Good thing old age has given me more patience than I had in my youth!

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