Thursday, May 23, 2024

Quiltfest -- Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show for 2024 - Part 2

It't going to take days to see all the quilts I took pictures of!!  This and the next two are by Cindi Renaldo.

I made this one extra large because you need to see all the stitching!

This and the next one were done by Diana Woodruff!

This and the next two were done by Donna Schalge.


I may have missed mentioning who did the machine quilting on many of the quilts but the qulting on thihs one was done by Kimberley Werth and truly spectacular as is this magnificent quilt.

This quilt was done by Diana Willard.

This quilt was done by Ellen Erne.  There were a lot of quilts with animals and other flora and fauna.
This was done by Ina Randall and portrays the eclipse we had this spring.

This and the nest quilt were done by Jackie Derock.  Spectacular!!


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