Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching up on Quilting Projects

This is the picture of the new baby quilt for Warren's friend Rachel. She has very much wanted a baby and it has been difficult for her.

Well, I have recovered from the vacation and finally got an album on Picasa of the bird pictures I took down there. It was great fun to print some of them today in larger sizes. Ostensibly I did this for the class later this week but really just wanted to have a peak at how they looked on photo paper all blown up. It was such a blast to take all these pictures but not as much fun to pick out my favorites! It's hard to use that delete key!

Finally have gotten around to making the squares for two online pals who are going to be grandmas (one for the first time and one for the third). As usual, I cut out a whole bunch extra so that I can have a couple of "reserve" baby quilts as LJ's friends seem to be having their first babies these days.

I also managed to finish a few more blocks for the baby quilt so that I would have one in reserve as everyone seems to be having new grandchildren these days. Also, many of LJ and Zanne's good friends are having babies as well. I hadn't even finished the last block when Warren put in a request for a baby quilt for a girl that was to be born in April. So there goes the spare!

The following quilts were all done with scraps while I was on vacation and will be quilted and given away as comfort quilts as soon as I get them basted and machine quilted!

This quilt and the following quilt are made using the simple 9 piece 8 piece pattern from which I have made a few previous quilts. It was hard to put them together to make a pleasant composition as I had no design wall but did the best I could. These are the leftovers from the Fall Migration two years ago which were leftovers from my Extreme Sampler quilt with the 289 blocks!

This quilt just used leftover squares from two projects sewn together. Altogether I have about 5 comfort quilts to finish.

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