Monday, January 28, 2008

Yellowstone III - Alternative Views

Television has certainly been the vast wasteland lately with the reality shows picking up the slack for the writer's strike. Fortunately, I treated myself to a series of dvds called Midsomer Murders which was a British mystery series that used to occassionally be on A & E. They are my absolute favorites and so I watch those when there is nothing on!

The three comfort quilts are completely finished now! Binding is all attached and sewn down. This is my very favorite part as it just makes everything look so neat and tidy after looking a little messy and askew along the way.

This is the Yellowstone 3 piece before it was all put together and arranged as I had been working on it -- that is how I thought it should sit. I still have to do a bunch of trimming and the final sewing together which is a bit tricky as I don't want to trim before putting together and don't want totally straight seams as well.

Anyway, below are three other ways of positioning the Yellowstone 3 piece. I actually like the last one the best of all as it seems to take away the last vestiges of being a landscape (at least to my untrained eye). Before I put on the final sleeve, I will have to get some other opinions!

This was the first alternative view.

Alternative #2

This is my favorite view although alternative 2 looks okay to me as well. The highly patterns batik in the upper right might be a bit strong for the top.

This is the same as the first view only it's now a finished top and nice a neat. We will call this original!

Of course I have decided to move ahead and do yet another Yellowstone piece with the other sliced up photo I have from the class. By the time I get to "take 25", I should have it right!! It is amazing when you go to places like Picasa how many pictures you can see of Yellowstone and how many are almost identical to pictures I took!! Guess the same thing inspires us all. The same was not true for Crater Lake though which surprised me. We really hit the jackpot on the day we went as the weather was so absolutely perfect without a cloud anywhere. A lot of the photos I saw posted showed lots of clouds and a very overcast sky. Crater Lake is beautiful then but not like blue I saw the day we were there!!

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