Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Day at the Long Arm!

This is me trimming away all the extra batting from the piece I am next going to quilt. Marcia made me look up and smile and took these pictures as I actually forgot to take my everpresent camera!

This is me lost in thought quilting away on the machine. I think Marcia's dear husband Bill took this picture.

Well, another unpredictable snow day in Upstate Western New York! It was sunny here. I drove to the county line and it was snowing like crazy. A mile after I turned south, the sun was with me again! Lake effect snow is like this. Our neighborhood did get hit while I was gone but I came back the "southern" route so didn't hit snow until about 1/2 mile from the house.

It was a great day at my friend Marcia's house. It was good to see her up and perky after recent bout with a nasty nosebleed. It has been a good two months since I have seen her but do read her blog religiously ( Anyway, she invited me to quilt my comfort quilts that I did in Florida on her longarm. I always forget for some reason that she has it!! I was talking about the three quilts I had taken to a professional to have longarm quilted and it occurred to either Marcia or I that I could finish up all these comfort quilts that way as I am giving them away and they are good for practicing on. So that is whay I did. I am feeling more comfortable with the machine each time I use it and think I will get some more quilts out of the way although I will now give away all the rest of my polyester batting!!! It was awful and as I only use wool when I handquilt now...there is no way I can use it.
This is the larger of the two crazy quilts.

This is another of the tops made with leftovers from a couple of quilts.

This is the third of the quilts and more baby sized. I am going to add a border onto this one. Each of the quilts I quilted with kind of a meandering not quite finished heart. It is not a bad overall pattern for a comfort quilt. I think I like the one where I was looser and did very large hearts the best.

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