Friday, January 4, 2008

Well, I COULD Edit All My Previous Posts -- NOT

Well, I have been reading up on my birds and found that all the mature brown pelicans have the bright colors with the dark stomach. I do have some picture of one of the pelicans with the mating plummage which is the dark neck -- don't know whether that is both male and female or just the males though. All the brownish pelicans with the white bellies are the immature pelicans which range in age from 2 - 5 years old. Several years ago Warren and I were at a bird santuary north of Tampa in Florida and saw baby pelicans from just a few days old to several weeks old. They look just like little Pteradactyls.

We are heading home in just a few days now -- back to the relative cold weather. I will probably put up a few more pictures then. I have been finishing up odds and ends of leftovers from various quilting projects so have about 5 comfort quilt tops which I will have to just get basted and quilted and out of my house!! I made at least three that will be big enough for the VA hospital contributions.

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