Friday, August 7, 2009

August RAFA Meeting

This is just a corner of the incredible raffle quilt which is for 2010. Priscilla had volunteered to to a Seminole border on it when the top was completed (which it is now). The turnover just happened to be in our meeting. As soon as it is finished, I will make sure to have a picture on my blog as well as how to get tickets for it! I am sure the unveiling will be at a GVQC meeting some time this fall so you will have to wait until then. It is stunning and happily was inspired by the Batik Dear Jane that I did for the last quilt show (the Club one is much, much nicer though and the blocks are six inch instead of 4 1/2 inch)

August is always the best meeting of the year for our RAFA group. So many of the ladies go to QBL and then come and share their pieces and brief synopses of what they did.
This was Donna's piece from the Anna Hergert class. Anna nicely walked her through the class during studio time. She and Janet Root took the class and obviously had one heck of a good time working with every conceivable kind of stamp and fiber!

This piece was done by Sarah Terry in the Judy Blaydon class. It was just lovely as is the next top done by Caris Burton who is a tremendously talented quilt artist. She got three prizes for two quilts exhibited at Lowell this sumer. We have such a talented group.

This was the piece Priscilla was doing from the Marilyn Belford class. She insists she is going to sit on it for awhile and finish other things but I think she should keep going as it is shaping up beautifully!

This is a piece that Linda Bachman has done using 8 of the smaller molas that Priscilla has brought back from the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. I think this was a wonderful whimsical way to use the molas!
This was a purse that Priscilla has knitted from a combination of the silk sari yarn and "cheap stuff from Joanns". It is just wonderful.

This was a piece that Janet Root was working on and I think she wore the outfit just to color coordinate -- she always takes such a great picture anyway!!

One of our members Deborah Pope is an incredible felt artist and taught a class recently on making these needle felted fish. The fins are constructed from silk paper. Several of our members took the class (and I certainly wish I had as well!!) This is Pat Farrell's fish.

This is Elaine Ross with her fish. Aren't they wonderful!!!! And wouldn't they be great at the beach house??

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Nina-Marie said...

Beth - thanks for the recap of the QBL work. I saw Caris working on her piece all week and thought - wow - I just love it!! I noticed Priscilla is keeping her challenge piece under wraps too- can't wait to see that done too!!