Saturday, August 22, 2009

Patricia's August 2009 Quilt Show

Two posts in one day, Oh My! This was one of the first quilts that greeted you when you entered the show. I didn't get the name of the maker unfortunately but it was a beautiful applique quilt.

I had almost forgotten about the Patricia's quilt show as I was away all week and didn't get my quilt over beforehand. Luckily, there was a reminder on the GVQC list, so I toddled over at noon today while our dishwasher sits on the middle of the kitchen floor in pieces as my husband curses -- he says that makes mechanical things behave better when you curse at them and since he always gets things fixed.....

Double click on any of the quilts to see them more closely!

This one is by Jean Poulton and is called Square Dance. I of course love scrap quilts and really liked this use of her scraps -- may make one myself one of these days. It is very graphic!

This was by Fran Wadhams and I liked the subtle coloration. She had stripped color from the fabrics and then overdyed with tea. It is Nosegays.

This one and the next one were by Nancy Allen from Hilton and were from Ricky Tims designs. The colors were striking and the wall quilts are lovely! Of course, I am a big fan of radial symmetry as well!

This was an unusual variation of a Dresden Plate design. Each square was quilted independently and it is by Sue Spitulnik.

This was Maria Boyle and it is one of the four patch
Stack and Whacks. I never cease to love these quilts -- such a simple technique with one fabric and some careful piecing.

This was a baby "I Spy" quilt done by Ellen Farnham and I liked this pattern a lot and it again was relatively simple and a great way to showcase those novelty fabrics that I have far too many of!!

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Gail Baker said...

Wow - these are wonderful!!