Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Complete Wilmington Experience and -- Meeting Colin Again...

Well, if you look closely above Colin's shoulder, you will see that I succeeded in getting his signature for his quilt!!!

I have my friend Debi to thank for this, in fact two Debi's as that is his assistant's name as well. I had read in the paper this morning that they were filming yesterday in downtown Wilmington for both One Tree Hill's final episode of the series and Arthur Newman, Golf Pro.  I figured there was a chance that one or the other would still be filming and I could show Debi a bit of the process.  

Now you have to understand that my friend Debi is the most outgoing gutsy person  you will ever meet.  We saw film crews but didn't know what they were filming.  Debi opened her window and found out which and then we hunted for a parking place.  She found another crew member and asked where specifically we might find them filming and they told us.  We found a parking place literally almost in front of the place.  Unfortunately, they were only filming inside today. 

 I spotted Colin's assistant sitting in the SUV that he gets carted around in but told Debi I wasn't going to approach her for fear she would think I was a stalker.  I did have my quilt block in my hand though as I had put it in the car several days ago, just in case...  Well, Debi just says nonsense and marches over to the car and tells Debbie (Colin's assistant) that her very shy friend didn't want to bother her again.  His assistant waved to me and we talked a bit  and she remembered me (I knew she would).  Well, I couldn't believe it but she got out of the car and went into the building where Colin and Emily were filming and as he came out, she motioned him over (he was in costume of pjs and the ugliest bathrobe you  have ever seen).  He was obviously in a huge hurry to get to the next set but he graciously signed my block!!!  So Debi and I both got to be up close and personal again with Colin and saw Emily from about three feet away!  Can you believe it!!  This all happened in about a five minutes I might add.  We then ate lunch outside in a nice little restaurant and were instant celebrities with the staff because of the autograph!!  What utter fun...

Earlier in the day, Debi wanted to go fishing in Kure Beach so Warren finally got out his rod and set us up on the pier and then deserted us!!  This was Debi's first fish -- a Blue fish which she threw back.  She had about three different men helping her with the reel, one even crawling on the pier to get her hooks when they got stuck under the pier.  I told her she would never be a widow for long as she is definitely an old guy magnet!!

This is Debi's second fish -- a Pin fish.  This became bait for one of Debi's new male friends.
Several of our fishing helpers.  The Grackles were relentless also, grabbing the bait right out of the bag (shrimp).

This was an unusual place for our friendly neighborhood ibis -- atop the electric pole next to the house.  We  have three that visit almost every day in the yard.

A sunset last night looking back toward the forever wild area two blocks behind the house. It was actually quite warm and humid today but has cooled down already.  Tomorrow is Debi's last day here and I will be very sad to see her leave for home.


Vicki W said...

What a great day for you!

Lynnette's said...

Such a day. Such a memorable day. You really rocked it!