Sunday, November 13, 2011

Despite Two Cats, Colin is Moving Along

Well, the above is the progress on the Colin block.  I am using my own hand dyed fabrics for this.  You can see the five different values.  I think it is beginning to look like him.  George and Chener both kept climbing up in the middle of the piece -- I think they love the plastic.  I am truly amazed that the fusing is going so well as the greys I am using (my hand dyeds) are really on a print cloth instead of a firmer fabric (like Melody Johnson recommends).  I haven't had good luck with the looser weave before but this time, it is working like a charm and the Wonder Under is doing its job with no problem!!  I am beginning to think this collage of the stages might make an interesting quilt in itself!! Hmmmm.... maybe I will change the plan....  Now I know Colin is leaving the area soon, but wouldn't it be nice to get this autographed? 

This and the picture below are of the latest of the one block wonders that I have finished down here.  I am working on the last one right now and then have two smaller tops to finish.  One will be perfect as a lap robe for the cooler evenings we  have been having -- hate to turn on the heat just yet as I had ac on yesterday!

Well, can't get the text to go next to the pictures for some reason!  I was pretty sure this was a starling when I took its picture this afternoon but he was all by himself.  I think the winter plumage is actually pretty!
The first bluebird (a female) I have seen.  Seems the birds come to visit when a cold front comes in!

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