Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Curves! Curves! Curves!

Thanks to some great teachers -- Jeannette DeNicolis-Meyer (Jeannette's website), Karen Eckmeier (Karen's website) and Cynthia Corbin (Cynthia's website) - I have conquered curves pretty much.  The technique I use the most is one from Janet with modifications from Cynthia.  However, Karen was the first one that introduced me to the joys of lots of curved seams!

I thought I would try to show the step by step approach which I have been employing a lot recently.  

1.  the first step is to overlap two pieces of fabric generously (about as wide as the curves you want to create).  

2.  Step two is to just take a rotary cutter and free hand cut a curve along the length of the two fabrics.

3.  The next is to free hand cut across the top of the fabric as well.

4.  Then I use a chalk marker about every three inches along the length of the cut.

5.  I then flip the piece over and match the marks which are now on the inside (some people do them on the outside instead).  I pin at each mark and sometimes between so that the two fabrics are eased together.

6.  Sew about a quarter of an inch down  on the sewing machine using your fingers on both the bottom fabric and the top where necessary to make sure you get both stitched.

7.  Finger press to the darker fabric.

8.  Place the "finished" piece on top of another fabric and repeat the process, using the line you free hand cut to trace along with your rotary cutter.  Then again free hand cut the top of the new piece..

9.  Press every few rows.

This was the piece which is supposed to be a beach scene.  There is a horizon line where it was just straight.  I have not yet decided whether to add anything onto it or maybe just stitch something.  We shall see.  It is about 30 x 50 right now.

I cut the above apart and put it back together keeping the horizon line the same.  Boring...

I have now auditioned it with the horizon line broken apart too which I definitely like better but still don't like the order of the pieces so I will be re-pinning tomorrow.  I think the middle piece will be moved down and the left end piece moved up but we shall see.  

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Diane said...

I love that you cut apart that piece and are changing the horizon line.

Thank-you for sharing this tutorial, and as soon as I get my new sewing studio finished, curves are at the top of my "to-do" list.