Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Quilters By the Sea and Jacket Progress

I still can't get these ladies to hold up their quilts for more than a few seconds.  I really like the colors in this one which is a very simple pattern but done in solid substitutes, the colors really pop.  There were a lot of quilts turned in during this meeting for the neo-natal  unit at the local hospital.  The coordinator had asked for extra effort in creating some of these quilts which have to be at least 40 x 40 inches.  Little did she know that almost everyone who got up would have one or two to contribute to her.  She left with two chairs filled high.  I wish I had my scraps down here but maybe some will manifest themselves by the end of the winter!

I liked this black and white and yellow log cabin.  I plan on making a quilt at some point with that palette.

Our program this month was on organizing  your quilting space and there were so very clever ideas, a couple of which I will try (using one of the swinging drapery rods to hold fabric to cover up the fabric on  your shelves so they don't get bleached out by the light).

 This group is very active in making Quilts of Valor as well and I liked this one especially.  I have given all my red, white and blue prints away but probably still have some solids hanging around!

This lady had become a big fan of purses such as myself.  This one allows you to change the bottom of the bag with the season.  May have to look into that!

Well, I now have both sleeves and both fronts done.  I would be further along if I hadn't sewn most of the strips in the wrong order on the first front I did.  I am not a big fan of ripping out stitches -- especially lots of them. I haven't trimmed the sides yet, nor done the darts the pattern calls for.   You will definitely see me coming.  I am not sure I will wear this one in public except in quilt venues!!  I have to find some fabric for lining.  I am partial to silk so will have to find some locally or go online.  One of the quilt shops locally used to have silk so maybe there will be some left!

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