Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now a Few Pictures from My Husband's Camera!

My husband is an avid kayaker and I am continually nagging him to take his camera with him to get some bird pictures for me.  This week, he went to a local creek with some friends to explore rather than his normal places and he DID take his camera to capture some pics of the fall foliage which hasn't quite reached the island yet (he was on the mainland).  Of course, it was one of our beautiful October days.

This was one of my favorite shots.

I also liked this reflecting one with the moss on the water -- looks like a quilt to me....

The turtles were sunning!

This was an unwelcome visitor -- a Copperhead snake which dear husband thought was about three inches in diameter and about six feet long -- he decided he wouldn't get too close as his feet were only six inches above the water line and wasn't sure how far a Copperhead could leap in the water...  I had just heard from one of the birders about her killing a Copperhead in her garden recently.  She said she wore snake boots when birding around in the woods.  Hmmmm.

 These next two are pictures I took at Ft. Fisher of the American Lady butterfly.  The top one is the back and the bottom one is the front and certainly looks very different!!

Just another Clouded Sulphur -- lots of those down there the other day.

This is the side view of the Long Tailed Skipper -- I do like this butterfly a lot as it is bright blue on the body on the top side.

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Gail Baker said...

Go Warren!! Your pictures are ALMOST as great as Beth's!