Friday, November 1, 2013

October Meeting of Quilters by the Sea Guild

The ladies were a bit better about holding up their quilts so I could get pictures this week!!  This is a quilt done by Bobbi who is one of the few people whose name I know.  I am sure they will become more familiar!  This was after a class with Karen Kay Buckley from whom I have also taken a class.

This was called something like 50 Shades of Grey and pink or something similar.  I did like the colors and she did the same shading I did on the king quilt for down here.

This was another scrap quilt that I really liked and very simple block.

I can't remember whether this was one of the Quilts of Valor quilts or not.  Certainly the right color scheme and this group is active in doing these kinds of quilts.

This was put together from Block of the Month blocks.

I think another of the Quilts of Valor quilts -- looks really nice!

Loved the turtle quilt!!

The program was one of sharing hints from group members and I was very impressed that there were so many different hints and the group was very well represented.  I had my hints but since I was sitting in the back, someone did it before I did!!

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