Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Visit to the Carnivorous Plant Garden!

What a treat to visit the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden located in Wilmington right near Independence Mall.  I decided to visit on my way home from taking pictures of the quilts for the quilt show.  I have no idea what the individual names of all the different plants were but there were many many varieties of pitcher plants.

One of my main reasons for visiting was to see the Venus Fly Traps in bloom.  They only grow naturally within about a 75 mile radius of Wilmington NC and I had tried numerous times to spot them at Carolina Beach State Park to no avail!  They are very close to the ground and hard to see without their beautiful white blooms which you can see in the picture.

This is one of the Fly Traps so you can see the anatomy of it!  Last year thieves came in and stole hundreds of them from the gardens but they have since been replaced for the most part.  

The remaining pictures are just closeups of some of the various varieties of plant!  It was a very hot day!!

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