Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NC Symposium Quilt Show Opening Ceremony

Just giving you a view of the layout of the quilt show with many of the smaller quilts shown.  You can see they had lots of room.

The opening night featured the teachers showing examples of some of the things they would be doing in class.  The next two examples are the front and reverse of art quilts by Barbara Shapel.  This is all thread painting just once but looking really good on front and back!

 These next two were by Flavin Glover and featured diamond log cabins.  She had many more examples and they were all very nice!

This is Jane Sassaman from whom I took a class a long time ago when she was just getting some recognition for her quilts.

This was one of Jan'e quilts demonstrating circles!

Another surprise was seeing Judy Simmons there (although she does live in NC!).  I feature her blog over on the sidebar.  I took my very first marbling class from her and got the bug!

This was Mickey Depre whose name and work I had seen before.

These were two of Mickey's quilts.  She also was doing a lot with hexagons.

This was also by Mickey Depre and I just loved it.  Note the hexagon blocks!!

We also had Paula Nadelstern and Georgia Bonesteel (another NC native) as well as several other fairly well known quilters!

 I haven't seen much in the way of birds lately (pretty busy with the quilt show photography) but did catch a couple of dragonflies down at the aquarium.  I believe this is one of the blue darners but my books are all packed away!

Another dragonfly!

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