Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back to Rochester - June RAFA Meeting

They knew they would star in my blog today!!  The ladies went to a Matisse exhibit and challenged themselves to do faces and this is the result!!  They even stood in  height order!!.
A closeup of Anne's piece!

As usual, Elaine's was really  nice and she does look happy with it.

Diane did this piece using inks and aloe vera gel as a medium at the suggestion of another RAFA member.  She said she just put a couple of drops of ink in the gel and painted.  You can see the tesselation of the birds.

This is an example of the pattern to be in Fall Migration this year at GVQC.  I do miss those but not enough to stay up north that late....

Marcia created this landscape in the Karen Eckmeier class at GVQC.  She does some lovely things and is a super nice lady besides!!

This new member does quilts using upholstery scraps.  She will be heir to my drapery and upholstery collection!!

This same member also did a number of very interesting weavings incorporating embellishments as well.

Another member whose name escapes me did this lovely little scene.

Mary Louise and Julia have developed their own pattern lines and this is a sample of one of Mary Louise's patterns.

Had to include this picture of the only vendor purchase I made at the quilt show -- a beautiful large basket from Ghana.  It is probably 18 inches across as well as 18 inches deep.  It stays at the beach as a place to put projects I am working on.

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Sandy said...

In the first photo, I really love the work done by the second lady. Very elegant.
Sandy in the UK