Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Visit to Janet's!!

It was a perfect day to make the drive out to my friend Janet's and pick up five of my quilts which she has kindly kept for me after two shows last fall!!  An extra added treat was that she has many bird feeders which were just filled with birds!!!  All the bird pictures are taken through her windows (which were nice and clean!)  This is an adult Baltimore Oriole.  I love the orioles eating the jelly from his feeder.

Another of the orioles with his bright orange color.

This is a first year Baltimore Oriole -- not quite as colorful!

We were also visited by Orchard Orioles with their very brick red feathers, especially in the shade.

This Grey Catbird also stopped by for some jelly.

Hummingbirds were also visiting their feeder.  This female doesn't have the ruby throat of her mate but does have the iridescent feathers.

There were lots and lots of finches -- here is a House Finch with a pretty summer colored Goldfinch!

Another Goldfinch on a type of feeder I had never seen before -- a large bag filled with seed.

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Gail Baker said...

Wow. They are just beautiful! Our migrating birds have moved on leaving the finches, robins and doves.