Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Almost Out of T-shirts!

Well, as almost all the new t-shirts have been dyed, I have gone back into my closet to search out shirts that I was tired of or didn't wear very often.  All the shirts but one fit into this category in this blog.  First I used a 50% solution of Chlorox to bleach out the t-shirts.  After bleaching, I washed them and then did an additional soaking with Anti-Chlor (sodium bisulfite) I believe
which takes out the bleach which remains in the shirts and will eventually break down the fibers.  It bleached out to a beige and yellow and then I overdyed with black and brown.

This next tshirt was either the before for this t-shirt or the next one.  I had liked it but was tired of it.

This was a the t-shirt after the bleaching.  I kind of liked it so left it like that.  It is even paler in person than in the photo and very soothing looking.    I suspect I will get bored with it and overdye it at some future date. You can see how the  yellow doesn't discharge though.

This was also a t-shirt that  I left alone after bleaching it.  The before version is below and it was  okay.  This very pink version goes perfectly with a sweater I have so it will probably stay this way for awhile.  You can see that there was a lot of fuchsia in the original as it does not discharge.

This  was okay but I didn't wear it at all.  I liked the upper part okay but didn't like the bottom as it didn't seem to go together.  Will probably get sick of the pink version as well!!

 This was one that I overdyed with Boysenberry and a little Grape.  It is okay.  

This was just various shades of probably either mixing blue or navy.  I didn't bleach it but just overdyed with sun yellow.  These long sleeved t-shirts all shrunk up and became bigger around so will have to take them in a bit.  I am okay with this one.

Probably my favorite of the bunch as you can see definitely patterning.  This was also a bleached and overdyed with brown and black tshirt.  It and the other brown and black one had some fuchsia splotches that needed to be covered which is why I chose the darker dyes.  

An interesting fact though is that these shirts dyed to as dark a shade as those that had never been bleached.  I remember reading that bleaching the colors out really didn't release the dye sites on the cotton but there must be one heck of a lot of dye sites as there is NO discernible difference between those I dyed from white to those I dyed after bleaching out all the color first!

This was one last t-shirt dyed from white.  I wanted to see how dark I could get the Basic Blue (ProChem color name) to dye.  It is the only one of the pure blues that is biased to a red rather than yellow.  It is one of my favorite dye colors.  I have never been able to get it this dark using traditional low water immersion methods.

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