Friday, July 4, 2014

July Meeting of RAFA

This quilt was a surprise for one of our departing members!!  Both she and another member are heading to retirement in Ft. Collins Co.  They had each independently chosen this new location because of its beauty but also because of the active quilt community out there!  Mary Louise was surprised, shocked and obviously overwhelmed by this lovely gift that many members had secretly put together.  Mary Louise has been publishing patterns lately and is using her patterns working with Andover Fabrics.

This is the back of the above quilt -- love the machine quilting done by member Valerie Schultz.

This is one of several quilts that a new member showed today.  She LOVES to do the machine embroidery and these were all really nice.  She was also the lucky recipient of 10 boxes of my drapery and upholstery samples which she was very happy to fill her car with!!  She uses mostly these types of fabrics in her pieces.

She also did this lovely embellished and discharged and dyed piece!!  She still has some embellishing to do!

Beth Kelly is modeling a jacket she recently purchased from a local dyer who uses flowers from her garden both for the dyes and mordants.  I thought it was just stunning because of the repeats that she got using her techniques which she teaches locally.  This is the first time that natural dyes have ever appealed to me!!  I have always been envious of Beth's beautiful white hair though but I am getting there (too bad I have to get older for this to happen).

This is the back of the jacket - stunning!!  Looked like it was the kimono coat pattern that I use.

Four of the ladies have gotten together independently and made these table runners!!  Nice!

This is one of our new members who came to us from Oregon where she studied with a number of famous quilters.  She is a wonderful dyer as well as you can see from this top she made (which I love).  Her name is Tina Somerset and she will be teaching some art quilt classes at Patricia's and I might just sign up!!

This is one of the samples from a class she will be teaching and below is a second sample which shows curved piecing.

 Sure looks like my kind of quilting!!  

We are at our limit for members yet again with a waiting list as well.  I feel a little guilty staying in the group as I am here so seldomly but will be there more next year.

Ann showed us another one of her beautiful pieces which was as nice on the back as it was on the front!

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