Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'll Be Wearing Nothing but T-shirts for sure now!

 Well, another day of experimenting was in order as it was hot and humid out so back to the basement and trying to improve upon a couple of the long sleeved t-shirts I had dyed last  year but wasn't happy about.  The one on the left is the "before" and the one on the right, the "after".  I had folded it into the usual fourths and then dumped "New Black" and "Basic Brown" powdered dyes on the ice.  I certainly like it better than before and perhaps will wear it a little more (although I do have to take it in as it is just too wide.

This was another t-shirt that I just wasn't crazy about -- just too boring.

 I like this version much much better.  I again added mostly black but a little brown as well and had refolded it kind of where the old folds were.  I don't know whether anyone else likes these patterns but I am intrigued by getting the repeating patterns instead of just random color.

This is another before and after.  The before was okay but I seem to go for higher charged color!  I folded this and another t-shirt which was almost identical into quarters but laid them flat instead of scrunching and sprinkled "Sun Yellow" and then "Intense Blue" on top of the ice.  I had a spice container that I had filled with the yellow and it did a nice job of sprinkling lighter than I have been doing with just spoons.

 This was just another of the white t-shirts sprinkled with the black and basic brown from above as I had liked that combination last year when dyeing.

A second formerly white t-shirt sprinkled with the brown and black dyes.

This was another of the lavender and blue shirts overdyed with the yellow and intense blue.  Not sure whether I don't want to just overdye again with just yellow.  I have a few more tshirts that are too dark and will do some bleaching before attempting to overdye with some ice resist dyeing.

Besides all the dyeing, I did finally manage to get the outside borders on the retirement quilt for a friend that I have been working on.It was a problem finding a dark blue that went with the dark blue used in the inside borders but managed to find a large piece in my stash from a long time ago.  It is even enough for a backing as well which was great.  Now to just get it basted and quilted.  It is now about 60 inches square so will be a bit of a challenge.

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Sandy said...

the second brown and black one has a face on the front!
These are all amazing!
Sandy in the UK