Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ice Dyeing Addiction....

Well, can't stay away from the bags of ice, even though I am disappointed at the quality of the ice.  Last year the bags from this grocery store were the best but this year, they appear to be from the same distributor as my ultra-cheap bags from BJs which are 1/3 the price.  This was probably my favorite from the bunch I did today.  I had decided to mix up some green and then surround it by blue and then purple and then throw in some strong orange at the end next to the purple.  Things never end as you predict using this technique except for the repeating because of the folding.  This was folded in quarters and I do like getting the repeating pattern.  It seems easier on the eyes to me than an all over lack of pattern.  It might be a bit busy for some though!  This is the back of the t-shirt and the front looks basically the same!

This was my second favorite and uses the same colors as the above one.  The green was made with lemon yellow and intense blue but even though this was the main color added, I have very little occurrence of it on the finished t-shirt.  I suspect the yellow decided not to play with the others!  This was also folded in quarters.

This was not folded but just scrunched.  You can see a little green here and then more purple than I would have predicted.  The intense blue and grape were very fresh dyes.  I am truly amazed at how well these very inexpensive tshirts from KMart dye -- the colors are very rich and dark.  I think, though, that using the full strength powdered dyes on the ice (or snow) is about the only way to get this depth of color.  I have never gotten grape to be this dark despite using 10% strength in my LWI dyeing.

Another scrunched one.  I think I forgot which way the t-shirts were faced when all scrunched up and so ended up with top and bottom color change instead of up and down stripes!  Same with the above which were probably the two I had placed together...

This is the last of the t--shirts from yesterday and again you can see the folding in quarters.  I can fold quilting fabric in twelths and get the repeat but a little tougher with the tshirts.  Folding in quarters results in eight layers as well and that is about the most I can get the pattern to repeat through.

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Those are lovely - must try that!