Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to Kure Beach and Ft. Fisher

 On Saturday the wind was very calm and there was a very large flock of Black Scoters, Buffleheads and Surf Scoters.  When the gulls discovered the rich food source, they poured in and were diving for food as well.

This is a male Surf Scoter.  I have seen the females before but this is the first male I have seen with his colorful markings.
I headed to the Basin pond on Monday as one of the birders said that there had been a Virginia Clapper, a Sora, Mottled Ducks and Goldeneyes down there.  I heard on Monday that a Harlequin duck had visited on Sunday in the rain (it was bird count day here).  Here are a male and female Gadwall on the far side of the pond.

I saw both the male and the female Common Goldeneye but the male disappeared before I could get his picture and the female spent most of her time with her head turned and swimming from me -- there were a lot of duck butt pictures today!!

Here the Goldeneye is surrounded by the many of the usual Hooded Mergansers.

Of course I saw rustling of the reeds and guessed it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler and when I got the picture home, confirmed this!!

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