Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Finishing of the "Professional Tote"

Well, after a night of sleep, I decided to put zippered pockets into the lining instead of the patch pockets called for in the pattern.  I do like the zippered pockets so much better.  This is half the lining with its zipper.

I got the tote sewed together this morning but forgot to bring down my camera.  I ended  up using my phone so the pictures are not up to my standards but I was too lazy to climb the two flights of stairs to get the good camera!  Here the finished lining is sitting in the finished outside.  It was a struggle to turn the outside part right side out!!  This is heavy fabric.  The lining is a little more forgiving.  Don't know whether it is too visible in this picture but there is a zippered section in the middle of the lining as well.  That makes a total of four zippered pockets altogether in all different sizes.

Here is the top finishing zipper section pinned to the tote.  I really really hate this part as there are many layers and nothing wants to stay together and it is a terrible struggle under the sewing machine.  I can't imagine doing it with a less powerful machine.  As it was I  had to undo sections a couple of times to make sure I got all the layers included (lining, main part and placket).  I am going to do something different with the next one -- might even go so far as to not have the ability to zipper up.  I could also go with the technique I use in many of my purses of putting the main part into the lining, sewing around the top and then pull the main part through the opening made in the bottom of the lining.  This would be after I had inserted the zipper into the lining itself.

Ah, the bag is all completed now and I added a purchased zipper pull for that top zipper as you really really need one for this bag.  The bag probably weighs about a pound or two at this point!  I didn't get it done in time for my daughter's China trip but I am sure she will use it for future sojourns.  My orange kitty pestered me as I was finishing up the bag so we know how it will react to orange fur now (she has two orange kitties).  The brown definitely holds up better to the fur than the black!


kathy said...

CONGRADULATIONS!! IT is amazing, Beth! Can you imagine how much that would cost in a trendy NY boutique? Only Oprah could afford it--LOL. You are a perfectionist, and it shows in the way you lined the stripes.I bet you made "gourmet" dresses for your daughter when she was young. Even the photos are clear; there is nothing wrong with the quality as I can plainly see how much effort and love you put into the bag.I admire you!

kathy said...

I apologize; I did not leave my name in the previous post. i have commented on several of your blog posts and never received a reply; perhaps that is the reason.My name is Kathy Banfield, and I love your work.

Beth Brandkamp said...

Kathy, sorry I haven't responded before but it is difficult as I have to sign in and out of accounts to do it and there was no email address associated with your name. Thanks for the kind complements on my work. I do enjoy doing the blogs and taking lots of pictures. The danger is that you get very picky about your pictures and keep wanting better and better equipment! Nothing ever seems good enough.