Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quite a Commotion at Ft. Fisher!!

I have had guests here from Rochester for the past week and I was taking my friend Debi down to see where I spot some of my birds.  I had read online that there were 100s of Northern Gannets one day off the beach at Ft. Fisher diving for food and was sorry I missed the sight.  When we went down the following day, however, they were still there!!!  Even Debi was impressed and took some videos of sometimes 20 birds diving at once for food.  They make quite a splash.  The Northern Gannets are big graceful birds who spend most of their time quite a way off shore.  They were still pretty far out but we could at least see them and it was a spectacular sight!!

The sky was just filled with these birds which are easy to see because of their sheer size and bright white bodies with the black tipped wings.

Here you can see them a little closer with some doing their dive bombing!  We still saw a few the following day from my porch (I had seen them in the morning from my porch but just the usual one or two that I spot when the weather is iffy.

I also took them down to Greenfield Lake to see if the Shovelers were there.  They weren't -- just a few Grebes.

I do like the reflections you get though!!

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