Thursday, February 26, 2015

February QBTS Meeting with Flavin Glover

We had Flavin Glover as our speaker at our Guild meeting on Monday.  The room is not set up to get pictures easily but I did get some of my favorites of her quilts (most of which are posted on her website as well).  Here is a link to her gallery of quilts - Flavin Glover's Gallery.  I especially liked this hexagonal one but then I love hexagons!

This was my absolute favorite and I can see combining this with some of the Serendipity quilts that I have been doing.  I haven't done a diamond log cabin before.

This was a great variation -- you can see enough to get the idea!  It combined some stars in with the log cabins.

I liked the colors in this one a lot!

This log cabin is made up of rectangles and nice colors and design..

This was one of Flavin's early quilts and wonderful colors again!

This is Brownstones and was one of the quilts we could have made in class.

One of her quilts that is a landscape made of log cabin bloccks.

We all liked this quilt where she used the back of many fabrics for the tree shadows.

This is the four seasons.

We had our usual show and tell and this was one of the neonatal quilts that was made.  I liked the border which was very much like many of Flavin's and one that I will use probably around my log cabin houses.

This was one of the "quilts of valor" that was made.  This group is very very active in making quilts for charity.

This really nice quilt was for Habitat for Humanity.  If they have an auction or some special project, I will probably donate my log cabin quilt for it.  Flavin has donated many of her house quilts to this organization for auctions.

Our quilt show is coming up on March 20 and 21 and there will be about 130 quilts on display so if you live in the area, make sure you visit.  Here is the link that gives you more information - 2015 QBTS Quilt Show.

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