Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Log Cabin Quilt

My sewing was interrupted by an ice storm yesterday which left us without electricity for several hours!  Good thing I have my handy Kindle Paperwhite so I could read in the dark with no problem!  Even provides enough light to get around the house.  The ice was not gone this morning and didn't disappear totally until later this afternoon but no more electric outages of significance.  It did look pretty when the sun came out and hopefully our palms will be none the worst for it.

Just a closeup of some of the ice cover.

I worked yesterday and today to build up the log cabin house quilt that I started in Flavin Glover's class.  I am working on the trees now and using some of my reject marbled fabrics which improve with being cut up!!  They were pieces that had been dye "dogs" which I then marbled hoping to improve them which it did a bit.

This is a closeup of the above tree so you can see the marbling.  The middle house on the bottom row is also marbled fabric.  All the rest are hand dyes.  This is one of the few  quilts I have made using nothing but my marbled and hand dyed fabrics. 

Here it is further along!

This is a closeup of the tree on the far left which used a fairly dark marbled piece.

Here is how I left it on my wall last night.  I found a whole lot of gradations of blues in my fat quarter old hand dyes.  The plain sky blocks go really fast but not the others!

This is the tree on the right.

This is not a clear image as I used my camera phone but the top (with the exception of the borders) is done and I am relatively pleased.  I am going to do a fairly simple border incorporating pieces of all the colors in the quilt.  Flavin did quite a few different treatments that I really liked and thought really added something to the quilts she had done.  The quilt is currently 37.5 x 26 inches.  The finished "logs" are 3/4 inch.  After looking at this on my design wall, I am contemplating doing a jacket using a variation of this pattern and of course making it wider (my hips haven't been 37 inches in forty years!).  Doesn't it look like it would make a cool jacket?


Judy Warner said...

Love the use of marbling fabric for the trees, Beth. Sorry for your poor weather.

Kathleen Banfield said...

Beth, I LOVE your color choices! Let me guess: Your favorite color is blue, right? LOL!
I have a Kindle Fire, but lately, it hasn't been cooperating and refuses to send email!
Hmmm..I wonder if there was an ice problem here last night? I woke up at 5 to find the power had been out sometime during the night.However, that sort of ordeal is common in NJ at this time of the year!
Can't wait to see pics of your jacket! I took pics of my "prize-winner" the other day.Wish I could share them with you.