Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January QBTS Meeting -- the Challenge Quilts

 The main theme of this month's meeting was the unveiling of the challenge quilts built on the theme of home.  The pattern was a very basic house pattern which you were free to do with what you like to express home.  There were a lot of kitties, birds and dogs represented in the 13 quilts.  I just didn't get around to doing one but was going to do the beach house.

Two more of the quilts.  Pat M's is to the right and features a mermaid.

Three more of the quilts.  The center one won best embellishment and was certainly a creative way to do the pattern -- she added to the pattern rather than doing something different.

 This one won for the best portrayal of the theme and was done by our club president Ann M.

We had "show and tell" and it was started with this stunning quilt!!

This is one of two circle quilts that Betty V made -- it is all from one fabric.

There is always a good representation of Habitat for Humanity quilts and this month featured two.

Bobbi did this quilt inspired by the jockey colors at (I believe) the Kentucky Derby.

I loved this big scrap quilt but then I am very partial to scrap quilts as are many members of this guild.  There will even be a prize for best scrap quilt at our yearly quilt show in April.

My dyeing buddy Dianne B did this beautiful quilt!!  She has quite a stash of unique fabrics from her time living in Africa.

I did like this purse a lot but Pat reported that the pattern was awful and she had to make many adjustments but it certainly came out fine.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers (affectionately known as Butter Butts) are back in numbers again.  These were taken at Ft. Fisher park but we saw many many by the Basin pond at Ft. Fisher as well.  They will be swarming all over in another couple of weeks!

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Linda said...

Beautiful and creative, and what lovely colours. Sweet bird, too.