Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Jacket Continues.....

Still no Cedar Waxwings this year, but where they were Robins are now feasting.  There were between 50 and 100 robins on these berry bushes, flying like a murmuration of Starlings!!  Quite a sight.  I have seen so many birds in flocks this year that I have never seen in large numbers together before (like the Red-winged Blackbirds).  Robins are common but not in groups of 100!!

The weather has been downright cold the past couple of days -- no ice thank goodness but certainly temps teetering on that possibility.  Here I am testing out my latest with the jacket back.  Cutting up strips of slippery silk is a challenge!!

Here the jacket back is done except for the black side panels which will finish it off.  I am okay with it and hopefully it isn't too bright.

Here I decided to test the look with one of the sleeves.  The flannel backing certainly does stabilize all the silk and trap all the ravelling.  The technique I use to put all my jackets together is almost a "quilt as you go" technique of laying down a strip on the backing and then sewing the next strip on top of the placed strip, then ironing it down.  The flannel is great for holding pieces in place and I highly recommend  it for jacket construction.

There are eight robins hiding in this picture - can you find them all?

Finally saw my beloved Oystercatchers after a few weeks of no shows!!  It was kind of a dreary day and there were a lot of students wandering in the marshy area.  I am still hoping to see the Clapper Rail one day.


Kathleen Banfield said...

The jacket looks GREAT so far--not too bright at all. The colors blend so well together, like a symphony! I can't wait to see the finished garment.Plus, you inspired me to dig mine out.
I was also thinking of you yesterday. When I was waiting for a bus, I saw a red-tailed hawk! They are so beautiful in flight; I find it relaxing to watch them glide.But I didn't have my camera with me! Now I know better, and will be prepared with that camera next time I'm at the bus stop. Thanks for sharing!
Kathy Banfield

Sandy said...

Ah yes, but I spotted 9 robins!
One just to the left of the obvious one at top, and the tail of one in the very top right.

So fascinating on the holly.
Sandy in the UK

Beth Brandkamp said...

Good Sandy!! At first I only saw 7 but will have to look for that ninth one. It was amazing and they have now totally denuded the bushes. Guess there won't be any Cedar Waxwings this year!!

Beth Brandkamp said...

Thanks for the jacket comments!! I am so not sure of this one! I kind of like it but am not totally happy with the front yet.