Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving Forward on the Albers Quilt

All those things that look like rocks are really Dunlins!  The wind was fierce yesterday and the tide was extra high because of the new moon so the Dunlins and Oystercatchers were all huddled on what little was left of the rock wall at Ft. Fisher.  This wall was built in the mid 1800's to keep the silt from the ocean from getting into the Cape Fear River.  It is really long and almost intact still although a  lot of it goes under water during high tides.

Well, I had the idea that the blocks might look more interesting if I set them on their sides -- kind of wave like.  So I tried it.  No, didn't like it!

So I turned them around again.   Much better.  It is slow going.

There is no way to do these quickly so am just plodding along.

I really liked the blocks with the deep fuchsia/purple.  I decided at this point that I needed some reds and red/oranges in the outer layers. 

So far I have just been using the scraps from other projects plus green and blue fat quarters that I brought down with me with the intention of making some quilts out of them.  I always seem to want more color and things always evolve which is why the other colors are getting added.  It would probably be calmer if I stuck to a nice restricted palette but I am pretty much incapable of that!!  I am making the rings larger than the pattern I had been using.  Each rhombus is about 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 now.  It keeps growing and growing, another thing my pieces have a habit of doing!

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Gail Baker said...

LOVE your colors!!! Beautiful, as usual.