Tuesday, February 23, 2016

QBTS Challenge Quilts

I just didn't want to overwhelm everyone with pictures of every single quilt so picked some of my favorites including the three winners.
This was a quilt by Donna Bergman and won Best Use of Color.

This was the Best Use of Theme by Lynn Flaherty.  It was obviously a representation of family pets as there were names on the back all chasing a squirrel.  It was very soft (wool or flannel) and as lovely to touch as it was to look at.

We had a banner night with 19 entries which was the most we have ever had.  And we had been nervous about how many entries we would get as we had heard there were only two or three.

This is Becky Bucci's and  won Best Use of Embellishments.  The picture doesn't do it justice!!

You might recognize this one by Barbara Swann.  She was working on it on our group day.

I loved this one by our speaker last night -- Mari de Moya.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures of her wonderful Asian inspired quilts but was busy with the Challenge Quilts.

This was by Betsy Manning - another member of the art quilt group.

This was one of my favorites and the very first one we looked at when setting up the display.  It is by Mary Harned.

There were lots more quilts and they will all be on display at the Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington on April 2 and 3 from noon to 6.  A poster can be seen on this link - Quilters By the Sea Guild Website.  Of course there will be many more quilts to see and even some to buy with lots of vendors as well!

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