Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quilters By the Sea January Meeting -- Michelle May

This was the night of the fantastic sunset in one of the earlier blogs.  Later that same night was a glorious full moon!  It lit up the sky!

Our speaker for our January meeting was a new to the area quilter named Michelle May.  She was a delightful speaker and shared many of her quilts with us.  She does applique and has been featured on the Quilting Arts tv show as well as published in several magazines.  Her website is The Raspberry Rabbits.  She also has a blog where she often shares free patterns - Raspberry Rabbits Blog.

Here are some of her quilts:

There were some lovely quilts shared as part of our show and tell but as usual, people showed them for a nanosecond -- not enough for a good picture for sure!!

Below is our raffle quilt for this year.  The drawing will be held in December and tickets are 6 for $5 or $1 a piece.  

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