Friday, February 12, 2016

Quilt Progress and More Bird Pics (of Course)!

The beginning of a new day and some more work on the quilt but first a trip to my bird places as it is a nice sunny day.

First a lovely Tri-Color Heron down at the boat ramp.  He was joined by a Snowy Egret and then later a Great Blue Heron.

The Great Blue was fluffing his feathers and annoying the others!

There were a lot of the usual gulls plus several Royal Terns and Forster Terns that were adorning the dock.  This is a Royal Tern.

I headed down to Carolina Beach Lake and there were several male and female Buffleheads diving like crazy.

There were even more Lesser Scaups, both female and male, than before.  You can see his distinctive head shape.

I finally got to see the male and female Red-headed Ducks close enough to take their picture.

A closeup of the male Redhead!

I called this a double date for Valentine's Day as there are a male and female Redhead and a male and female Scaup hanging out together!

Auditioning some more insides in the early afternoon.

Making real progress here.  Right now it is about 40 inches x 50 inches but think I will make it probably about 60 wide by 80 long so good for a nap on the sofa.

I already see one block that I don't like and it will be removed or put in an inconspicuous place.  These are slow going as there is a lot of trimming at each step.

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