Monday, August 15, 2016

Patricia's Fabric House August Quilt Show

This is a quilt by Alice Genereux and was my very favorite quilt in the show!  I didn't realize until I looked at the label that the houses were all made from thrift store neckties, of which I have hundreds if not thousands.  Of course, when I bought them, the most I ever paid was $1 and it had to be an exceptional silk tie to pay that.  Now I rarely see them for less that $3 or $4 each.  The quilt certainly gives me ideas of how to showcase my "collection".  I have made a couple of quilts with them but used the ties exclusively.

This is a closeup so you can seer the ties -- I am pretty sure I have one just like that one!

Of course, two of the stars of the show were these two small silk appliqued quilts by our own Chris Wickert.  She consistently wins at national quilt shows with her stunning quilts.

The hand work in the small quilt is beyond belief!!  And it is all in silk as well!  No one even comes close to her workmanship.

This seasonal quilt was by Cynthia Fleming.  I think I liked the small quilts almost the best this time!!

The next two quits were done by Diana Adams and were beautifully done!

Fellow RAFA member Liz Scott would love this one!!

These next five were all large and unfortunately I didn't get the names of the quilters!

 I am going to add this one to my Pinterest page of scrap quilts that I might do some day -- also the next one will go there too!

These quilts are all by quilter and teacher Tina Somerset who is hosting a Design Club at Patricia's on Saturdays starting this fall.  I would sign up if I was in town.  Her quilts are gorgeous and it would be a wonderful refresher of several techniques!

This is the booth of my friend Julia Deal who runs SEW Artistic.  I have been consigning some of my handbags, pouches, mandalas and t-shirts to her.  She is has been teaching serger classes and is a master at creating designs  and using those machine embroidery machines.  She sells on First Fridays and Second Saturdays at the Hungerford Building in downtown Rochester.  She also sells her designs on Etsy.  


shilsenbeck said...

All beautiful -- thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know if the dark one with electric blue flowers set on points is attributed to a Jinny Beyer pattern/kit? It looks familiar.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like Jinny Beyer fabric but not sure if Jinny Beyer pattern -- can't remember any of hers that had any applique on or were paper pieced as she does mostly if not all hand work.