Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wonderful Birthday with Both My Daughters and My Granddaughter!

Except for the really hot weather here in Rochester, it was a great birthday week with my daughter and granddaughter visiting from Seattle and my older daughter visiting from Charlotte!  Here we visited Charlotte beach and Suzanne and Amelia road the carousel -- note that Amelia is on a kitty as she is pretty much half kitty.

 Here they are playing on the bouncey "pillow" at Wickham farms.  They both had a great time on this.  There is a small miniature golf course there and Amelia had never played this before.  Before the day was over, she insisted on playing it three times!  Aunt Lisa had the patience to teach her how to play and to go through the 54 holes with her!!  Her mom related that she never could play mini golf!

Couldn't resist a picture of my  youngest with one of the t-shirts that I had recently ice-dyed.  It was a medium I had done for someone else who didn't like the predominance of the yellow but I knew it wouldn't be wasted!  I have two more mediums to do for other requestors.  I have consigned a number of these ice-dyed t-shirts to  friend at the Hungerford Bldg. in Rochester.  The first one sold before even having a price put on it!!  I am going to try a slightly different design this week but will keep with the yellow through purple colors for now although may do a couple of black and brown ones for me to see how I like that.

Grandpa brought up a big bag of stuffed animals from the basement and Amelia insisted upon sleeping with all of them!

Suzanne is sitting with George who had to find a new sleeping spot when all his usual ones were taken by people!!

A couple of days before they came, I saw the Pileated Woodpecker for the first time this year.  He nicely was visible right out my back door!

Warren didn't cultivate our garden quite as rigorously as usual this year and we had a volunteer spider plant appear where we used to grow them.  It has probably been ten years since we grew them in the yard so were very very surprised!

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