Saturday, August 20, 2016

Some More Ice Dyeing -- Catching Up!

Being very lazy with some random scraps, I didn't  bother ironing the fabrics and obviously wasn't very careful when folding.  I had two pieces like this one!  The mistake was after I folded them in half, I didn't fold them in half again and again on the folded side but on the raw edge.  So I will cut in half and resew!

You can see it looks normal here!!  I didn't cut yet but used software to put them together!

This one and the next one were stacked with this one on the bottom.

This one was on top and shows the effect of the ice melting more.  I may start using a drop cloth on top as the bottom ones suffer less from the ice melting.  This is true of the t-shirts and the drop cloths underneath them which are absolutely saturated with color.

 This one and the next one were my favorites.  I used  a lot less color overall on these bunches including the tshirts (I don't have pictures of the tshirts but they were much lighter and had a lot of yellow in them).  I used Basic Blue in these which doesn't give  you as much color as the Intense Blue but it is a nice blue tending to red (the only pure blue that does).

I did several t-shirts yesterday using the blue/green/yellow/purple palette.  These are all mediums which were certainly easier to manipulate than the plus sized t-shirts.

I folded this tshirt slightly differently kind of spiraling it on one side.  I kind of like the effectg and it is different.

This one was done with vertical stripes and I do like it for variety.  I am going to do this with fabric one of these days.  Hauling those bags of ice is back-breaking though!!
I thought I would try a different style which I will send to my west coast daughter for those warmer days.

I am back making purses which will I will consign with SEW Artistic here in Rochester.  Like the others I have made, they have upholstery grade phony suede for the straps, side and bottom and trim and feature either commercial or my hand dyed or marbled fabric.  They have two zippered pockets inside as well as deep pockets on either side on the outside and a zipper enclosing the top.

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