Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Quilting Day of Sharing

The North Carolina Twin Rivers Quilt Guild hosted this year's Day of Sharing which is a gathering of women from about a dozen quilt guilds throughout the eastern part of North Carolina.  We met in a fantastic facility in New Bern, NC.

This is their guild raffle quilt and a real beauty!

There was a ton of food for both breakfast grazing and lunch grazing.  I didn't need dinner that night!

The first hour was a presentation of Electric Quilt Version 8.  We were the first in the country to see this according to the speaker.  The new version in full won't be available until next week after Quilt Market in Houston.  He did have the Upgrade though which I did buy.  I had not intended to buy it but they have changed the interface dramatically so I went for it -- especially since he sold it discounted!!  I also bought a book that had pictures of everything that is contained in the libraries.  It will be much simpler than paging through online!

Below are the raffle quilts from several other guilds.  I didn't get pictures of all of them and some pics weren't too good.

My Google album of all the pictures is at Day of Sharing Album.  Just click on the link and it should take you there!!

Asheboro Quilt Guild -- can you believe this incredible quilt -- easily one of the most beautiful raffle  quilts I have ever seen!!
 Carolina Pines Quilt Guild.

 Coastal Carolina Modern Quilt Guild

 Gate City Quilt Guild

Greenville Quilt Guild.

There were quilts of every genre here including some art quilts, modern quilts as well as traditional wall and bed quilts.  I don't have any of the names of the people who did these quilts and I sincerely apologize for that.  They did encourage picture taking though!

How is this for a wonderful whimsical wall hanging.

This was a beautiful wall hanging.

Another somewhat whimsical very colorful wall quilt!

 I rally liked this Storm at Sea which is well hidden in the fabric choices and placements.

 I really loved this one.  I might classify it as a "modern" quilt but don't know whether the quilter considers it as such.  Loved the colors and movement.

 Beautiful pineapple log cabin.

Although this is a fairly simple design, I loved the color choices.

 A lovely sampler.

I loved the colors in this one.  I was in the last row so this is a little blurry!

 This was an incredible appliqued quilt.  A closeup is below.  And look at the quilting!!

Another relatively simple pattern with really lovely colors!!  I think living so close to the ocean and having all that Carolina sunshine really affects the palette down here-- it certainly affects my use of coclors.

I finally got a good picturee of this quilt made by one of our Guild members -- Betty Van Sickle.  She made it to commemorate her husband's trans-Canada motorcycle trip this summer.  

These next two are by another Guild member, Becky Bucci!!

I loved this wall hanging with the frogs!!

These next two were one woman's interpretation of a bargello quilt.  I thought it was very clever.  She took a large panel type print and interspersed the bargello strips.  Depending on the fabric, they look very different.

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