Thursday, February 14, 2008

Genesee Valley Quilt Club - February Meeting

Well, it was an excellent program today on color by a male quilter who is an architect in real life but has succumbed to the quilting life thanks to his wife! I did bring my camera to take pictures but unfortunately forgot a memory card for it so no pictures of our monthly "quilt show".

I did, however, make a few purchases. Some time ago I posted a picture of a bird embroidery from Guatemala that I just loved.

My friend Priscilla was heading again to Guatemala so I asked that she keep an eye out for another one which she did.

She also gave me the right of first refusal on a gorgeous bird embroidery from Viet Nam which I scooped up immediately. She is always finding nice things and brought me back a wonderful box with elephants on the lid. Even Warren was admiring it when I got home!

I came home with a small sewing cabinet as well. I have seen these before and others have managed to buy them before I did so was overjoyed to see this one remain unsold -- I didn't even see it until lunchtime. So I have included pictures of my various purchases and a partial picture of the big Blue Lady quilt that is now wonderfully quilted by Teddi Ahern.

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