Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some of the Quilts from the Jonathan Holstein lecture

My dear friend Marcia took pictures of every quilt (I think) that was part of the lecture we heard on Saturday. She graciously let me have them so I could post some on my blog! I will do so after she decides which ones she wants to include on her blog ( and that only seems fair!! The first two pictures that are included here are from Pat Berardi's camera which she let me use during the presentation. I only took a few pictures as I was just too far for a flash to be effective so they are a little dark. The rest were posted on Marcia's picasa site.

This is Jonathan Holsein with my great, great grandmother's crazy quilt. He was pointing out all the different features on it.

This is just another shot of Jonathan with my quilt. He was such a charming man!

This is another of my favorite log cabins courtesy of Marcia!

This was a very strange crazy quilt indeed. Made in probably the 40's from scraps of wool fabric.

Here is another of the log cabins.

This is one of the two Amish crazy quilts that Jonathan Holstein had in his collection. Both were very interesting. He said that there have been very few of those. All his Amish quilts were from the Pennsylvania Amish. This was my favorite of the Amish quilts as it was so graphic and so different.

This was a stunning red and green quilt from about 1870 which had small stuffed cheddar (yellow orange) birds around the outside. I just loved it.

This was another very unusual quilt which was in the "crazy" genre. It was made by appliqueing onto burlap bags.

This was a lovely children's quilt from the 30's or 40's. It was either from a kit or was a professionally designed pattern that was published in a magazine or newspaper.

This is the other of the Amish crazy quilts.

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