Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yellowstone 3 is Finished!

Well, having nothing but dreary skies outside for days, I have been sitting at the Bernina machine quilting Yellowstone 3. It has been a bit time consuming as almost all the stitching is about 1/4 inch apart.

After I finished all the quilting, I decided to lop off one side of the quilt. After DH (dear husband) when asked to view it, cocked his head sideways to the original orientation (which he had never seen), I decided to put it back to its original orientation as well!!

The weirdest thing is that the piece demanded that I put black binding around the outside. What is strange is that I almost never put binding around the outside of an "art" quilt, much less one that totally contrasted with the inside!! It just seemed to call for something to contain it.

I am relatively pleased with it but suddenly looking at it last night (with the alternate orientation) decided I would REALLY like it if there were six panels instead of the four that there are currently. Hmmm, sounds like Yellowstone 4 might be breathing down my neck.

This shows the different stitches that I used to give different textures. Sometimes I used matching thread but often I used contrasting darker or lighter thread so that it would show up more and change the color of the original fabric somewhat. Double clicking on the pictures will give you more detail.

I was particularly surprised by how the quilting looked in this dark blue area, especially if put on its side. Very even flowing quilting gives such a different look than more staccato quilting.