Saturday, February 16, 2008

Genesee Valley Quilt Club Spring Fling

Well, just finished two days with a group of ladies from the Genesee Valley Quilt Club doing our yearly "spring fling". Now yesterday was not particularly spring - like but today pulled through with lots of sunshine.

We had a great time and fantastic lunches arranged by our own Pat Pauly who does a wonderful job promoting and organizing these days. It is always fun to sew with a small group of women, many of whom are long time friends.

This is the final quilt that Beverly Kondolf put together with a very challenging set of blocks that she received during an online exchange. I think it turned out beautifully. Originally it was to be two comfort quilts but she may have changed her mind now.

This is a really pretty traditional applique quilt done by Linda Kronenwetter. Everyone in the room was voicing an opinion about what the borders should be. We didn't reach any kind of consensus at all!! We shall see what Linda does....

This is our own Pat Pauly, sitting down and actually looking a bit relaxed which is a rarity. She was our very successful organizer and was always up and about making sure everyone was having fun, which we were.

This is our fabulous clothing designer Priscilla Kibbee actually making a pieced quilt. We have taken her over to the dark side. I don't think we have influenced her palette to the dark side though. Her blocks were glowing and were intricately and finely pieced. She is famous for her fabulous Seminole piecing which is in most of her Bernina and Fairfied Fashion Show garments.

This was a particularly pretty quilt that I saw in progress on a design wall early on. I don't know who the quilter was but really liked the colors.

This is our Chairman, Barb Brummond hiding behind her beautiful Lemoyne Star quilt. The alternate square blocks were a fabulous fabric that she found which was just perfect to set these stars.

This is Barb Seils ironing away early on!

This is my batik small block quilt in process the first day. I was happy to get it all put together but the border for the second day.

This is my final top incorporating almost all the small blocks I had in batik. Now to just figure on a border. I am think some Seminole work with multiple colors but focusing on some red/oranges. It needs to be a small scale pattern in the border to keep with the scale of the rest of the piece. It ended up being about 60 inches wide and about 80 inches long which was great!

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