Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Visit to Wilmington NC

Lisa had to work at the Cape Fear factory of her company on Thursday and Friday. She is training staff on their productivity initiatives. We all decided it would be a great time to follow her down to Wilmington and see what it was like as we have seriously thought about another house in this area.

It was great fun to see this enormous chemical plant in the middle of nowhere basically. They even have a place to shower your cars as you leave. Doesn't make you want to live there for sure. It is not in Wilmington though. After lunch, we headed to our motel and then onward to Wrightsville beach which is about a five mile drive from where we stayed and just across the waterway from Wilmington. It is probably the nicest East Coast beach we have seen!! There are big wide beaches and beautiful homes on this small island. Too bad the homes we liked were about $3.5 million though! Guess we won't be buying right on the beach. Wilmington is a very charming little city very much like Savannah so it did appeal to us a great deal so we shall see. Housing is still affordable here and a winter home might be in order. Summer is the high season here but it would be too hot for me. The water temp the last two days has been 82 degrees which surprised me for this early in the year. It was like Florida water!

A view down the beach at Carolina Beach where we went on Saturday.
Of course Warren and Lisa doing the beach relaxation thing!

Unfortunately, we head back to Charlotte today and then back home on Monday. We have really enjoyed our little break at the beach.

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