Thursday, June 5, 2008

May RAFA Meeting

The hour before the meeting was spent going through the hundreds of molas that Priscilla brought back from Panama on her last trip. I had seen them before but they really leave me breathless! There were so many stunning ones. It is important to support Priscilla here so she will return again and buy even more. She is having another jacket class in August -- this is always a good place to utilize these molas. It is good that we can support these women in Panama who in many cases are responsible for the family income.

Well, we had a meeting after that today and let that be enough said. We will not limit membership and we will support a mission and a contribution to Schweinfurth in our name.

However, there were a great many people in attendance and the show and tell was wonderful as usual. It is nice to see some of the variety that this group produces. My temptation is to try everything though! Unfortunately, I don't know everyone's name to attach to the pieces and don't have room to include all the pieces. Some people had asked for pictures so I included those in the blog and all they have to do is right click on the picture and copy it to their own computers.

This is one of Caris Burton's wonderful pieces inspired by an inlaid stone table that she saw. Her applique is flawless!

This is a doll done by a new member of the group. I know her last name is Pope and I thought her first name was Donna but I may be wrong there. It was stunning as you can see even without a nice background.

This is Linda Bachman's piece done as a part of a quilt challege for the Women's Health Partnership here in the Rochester area. This is a wonderful cause and the quilts donated will all be auctioned off in August.
This is Nancy Hick's contribution to the quilt challenge.

Barb Magin finished this piece from a class from last month.
This is the back of a quilt done as part of a gift by the group.
This is the front of the quilt. It was a wonderful arrangement of blocks and Val Schultz did a wonderful job of machine quilting it.

This is a wonderful felted piece done by our own Donna Patrick.

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