Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Pieces from the Shibori Days

This is a slide show of a lot of the pieces I did but will include some in the blog anyway! If you double click on it, it will take you to my Picasa albums and you can see the labels under each piece if you choose the slideshow option!

Well, as a follow up I thought I should post some of the pieces that I did with some explanation of how they got the way they were! Mine were far from the nicest examples done during the two days but I was running out of battery in the camera so I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked. Some of the ladies did some awesome stuff with their fabrics.

It has been hard to sleep as I keep thinking of what I want to do next to some of the pieces. Winning out is doing some monoprinting on top of the clamped pieces that have lots of white -- even though I like the pieces, I do have an aversion to any white left on my dyed pieces!!

Something I will be doing more of in the future is setting up an immersion bath (not low water immersion) and wrapping and clamping using a wide variety of techniques but the same dye baths. I like having a whole bunch of fabrics in the same palette but very different in texture and design. The tables are outside and the weather should be cooperating soon!

This is a traditionally stitched shibori piece. It was a one yard piece of cotton sateen. I ironed in fairly evenly spaced lines. I then formed a pleat on each ironed line and sewed through both layers of the pleat and then gathered it. You get a nice effect this way and can stitch it anywhere you want on your piece. This was dyed with ProChem's blue violet mix which is one of the few mixes I do buy occasionally. I also like their Basic Brown which is a mix.

This is just a closeup of the piece above.
This is a piece that I literally threw together at the last minute, wrapping a piece of cheaper fabric around a pole and then just throwing on some rubber bands to hold it somewhat. The colors used were mixing red, strong orange, a little golden yellow and some mixing blue (to darken it a bit).

This is made by sewing the fabric into a tube and then compressing it on a pole as described in an earlier post. This was the fuchsia and black mix.

This is one of my favorites and was made by diagonally putting on a pole and twisting down. It was first dyed in yellow and then without removing from the pole overdyed with a 3 primary mix (kind of a brown).

This is the first of two pieces (more on my Picasa site) made with the golden yellow and navy mix. It was scrunched in a stocking and thrown into the dye bath.

.This was just accordion folded and clamped randomly with some clamps.
This is the first of two that were on the same pole in the same bath. They were first dyed in a yellow bath and then overdyed with a intense blue/navy mix. Notice that the top one has far less color than the bottom one.

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The Handmaden said...

These are marvellous Beth, I really like the pinkish ones.