Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ode to the Internet - My Online Friends

It has been between 12 and 14 years since I first met some friends on the internet and we have written to each other ever since! We initially met through an online list dedicated to Singer Featherweights which all of us collected at the time. We also collected all sorts of other sewing machines. We soon found out that we had a shared interest in quilting as well. Those conversations grew through the years as we "listened" to the problems with children and watched them grow up in some cases before our internet "eyes". We are now watching the grandchildren grow.

As in all groups of friends, we have all done things that have annoyed and irritated others in the group at one time or another. We have had several people leave the group a number of years ago (moves, wonderful and horrific changes in life etc.) but the core of six of us has remained pretty steady for the last 10 years. I will post some pictures on another post as they are not on this computer.

However, one of the group has rediscovered her interest in art after many years of concentrating on her role as wife and mother. She started doing some painting and working in pastels and asked for permission to use some of my bird photos. I thought I would show you one of her most recent works. She is hopefully going to get together a full body of work so she can present to local (New Hampshire) galleries. I think she shows some real talent and hope she is successful in this newest venture.

This is one of my favorite Great Blue Heron pictures that I took at Ft. Myers Beach last December.

This is the oil pastel that my friend Linda Heminway made. I think she captured his majesty well!
This is another of her oil pastels of a chickadee. I believe this one is currently in a local gallery in New Hampshire.
And yet another one -- this time of a bluebird.

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