Monday, June 9, 2008

Warren versus the Raccoon or the Charlotte Adventures

This is Lisa's front door and up above is her uninvited guest's front door which is now blocked with a piece of tile and bricks.

Well, truthfully, the raccoon is gone, but the damage she wrought is still apparent! We arrived in Charlotte with the temps near 100 not knowing whether the air conditioning would be fully functional when we arrived! Lisa had tried it a couple of nights before after spotting a significant amount of damage to the air conditioning insulation in her crawl space. Thank goodness is does work!

But to back up, a couple of months ago Lisa heard a lot of commotion in her crawl space. A chance peak up a couple of days later and she was face to face with a large raccoon. She called a number of exterminators to get prices on raccoon removal. The critter had eaten a foot sized hole in her siding to get in! Unfortunately, she moved too slowly because her uninvited visitor gave birth during the next week. Having had experience with raccoon mothers before, she knew it would move out in a couple of months so she put up with the noise. Last week she looked again in the crawl space and noticed that the air conditioning ducts appeared to be ripped to shreds by her visitors. Fortunately it was just the insulation. Warren replaced that a couple of nights ago and is now putting a permanent fix to her siding to prevent similar incursions next year. Lisa will have to keep a very close eye on her wooden siding to make sure it isn't being chewed on.

Lisa is doing the only thing possible in this hot weather. Taking a little nap curled up on her sofa with a good book. Unfortunately, her kitties thought this was a wonderful time to cuddle up and keep her warm!

It is hotter by the day here though. Yesterday the temp measured 104 on Lisa's car thermometer (outside temp) and today it was 110 on my friend Janice's car thermometer. The official high temp (although record breaking) was only 99 though! I know it is just as hot at home though so that is a little compensation. We are heading to the beach on Thursday and the weather is supposed to break before then.

Lisa's kitties, Paka and Yahi have been constant entertainment. Yahi is a ham who loves having his picture taken(see how beautiful my long fur is) and Paka is the sphinx.

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