Friday, October 15, 2010

October 2010 GVQC Meeting

It was a dreary Rochester day but I loved the colors of the interior courtyard at the Temple where we meet. It was such a juxtaposition of complementary colors as well as a strong neutral. Looks like a quilt to me. I took quite a few different shots here!

This was the second meeting of our new year and the first meeting I have been to. Pat Pauly was our guest speaker and did a delightful review of her career as quilt maker/designer extraordinaire. It was filled with insight and humor. She was selected for the second consecutive time to be in Quilt National.

This quilt and the next one were done by members of the quilt club in anticipation of our 75th anniversary celebration next year. There was a history of saving sampler blocks so a whole series was created and made into these two quilts.

We no longer have the display of the quilts at the back of the room so the pictures are not as good as usual as I was either in line waiting to show mine or in the back of the room!

This was an incredible raffle quilt done by one of the local guilds. It was appraised at $5500 and gorgeous.

This was one of my favorites -- a lovely flower pictoral. A closeup is below so you can see all the wonderful stitching.

Paula Nadelstern was our guest speaker a year ago in September so a number of members participated in a challenge to get a quilt done by this meeting. These are several examples. There were several exclamations of "I will never do this again!". They were all beautiful and unfortunately I have no names as I was trying to photography!

This was a beautiful mathematically inspired sampler quilt done by Marilyn Burkey (I think) as a gift for a relative. Quite an effort and beautiful!

These were three pieces by Judy Warner who has a really nice blog of her own.

This was a really nice star quilt by Beth Brewer.
I believe Barb Brummond did this beautiful log cabin which is off to a new home!
This was a lovely applique quilt.

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Judy Warner said...

Thanks Beth for the photo of my work. I spent today in Pat Pauly's workshop - can't wait to go back tomorrow. So much fun. I think everyone will wind up with their own work of art!