Friday, February 24, 2012

The End of Rumpole...

Well, this is a collage of various stages of the blocks I am making on my last of the Serendipity quilts for down here.  You will note some duplication in the collage but so far I have done 20 different blocks -- kind of like a sampler of the blocks in the Doubledipity and Serendipity books by Sara Nephew.  As I love radial symmetry, these blocks have been downright fun.  Sara has some very clever stripping techniques that make these blocks pretty easy to make.  This technique does leave you with some two colored triangles that are the opposite of the ones you may want to use in the block.  My cure for this was to substitute these triangles for plain triangles on many of the blocks.  Then I don't have any leftovers.  So,  if you have the books,  you won't find most of these blocks exactly as I have tried to utilize all these triangles.

As I mentioned before, I have a limited palette  as I didn't want to purchase any fabric just for this quilt.  I did end up using some yardage I had bought for another project as well as some I had brought down with me.  I really only used six additional fabrics though which is probably a new record for me.  I am the queen of "the more the merrier" when it comes to fabrics in a quilt.  Making all the blocks different and thus kind of a hexagon block sampler is my  cure for the tedium of using so few fabrics.    The quilt that I am envisioning has 17 blocks so I will have some rejects - a couple have already identified themselves.  A nice big design wall will help with the final decision making.  I have to decide what to use for the background triangles as well.  I am figuring on various shades of brown or beige at this point, a ton of which I have at home left over from the lions.

This quilt will be called Rumpole as I made it while watching all the seasons of Rumpole of the Bailey, a wonderful British import from back in the 70s or 80s.  I will miss not having more to see!  Thanks Priscilla!  

I'm in the final throes of cleaning up in anticipation of coming back to New York soon.  I will miss my weather and birds but will be back probably before too long.  Let's just hope that the snow stays up in Canada (or better yet, nowhere) until the season is over!

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