Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Just Another Ring Billed Gull

The Ring Billed Gulls are by far the most common gulls I see down here as well as in Rochester.  Occasionally another gull is present on the beach and yesterday it was a Herring Gull.  He is a rather large gull with pink legs.  I always like the background of the secret beach for pictures of birds with its seaweed covered sandstone.

Here are the three most common of the birds I see on the secret beach  -- the Ruddy Turnstone with his orange feet, the larger Willet which is very common on this beach as well as the beach in Florida and the little Sanderling in the foreground.  There were lots of the Sanderlings and Ruddy Turnstones digging for the mussels and other beach life  that cover the rocks.

Several of the Ruddy Turnstones here.  They get their name from the fact that they actually turn over the rocks with their beaks -- constantly moving.

This is one of the Willets.

The Buffleheads were out in force beyond the waves.  Lots of males and females here.

The day before at Carolina Beach Lake, I had spotted this Pied Billed Grebe by the rental paddle boats which were reflected on the water.  There were several others there as well but as soon as they catch sight of me, they are off to the middle of the lake!

Our guests have left and I finally have caught up on my sleep so may trying to get some quilting done today!  It is hard to stay inside when the weather has been so nice outside!

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